The Kazarian Jews


What is a Kazarian Jew? And could they be what is referred to in Rev. 3:9?


The term Kazarian Jews refers to a Turkic people who occupied the area north of and between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and by some accounts converted en-masse to Judaism in the early 700’s AD. According to these accounts, they were eventually driven westward into Poland and Central Europe, and account for the large Jewish population there prior to WW2. Some cite them as the origin of the Ashkenazi, or European Jews.

The name Ashkenaz first appears in Genesis 10:3 as a grandson son of Japeth (one of Noah’s three sons) and a son of Gomer, along with Ripoth and Togarmah.

Following the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel, Gomer’s people moved North and West. The descendants of Ashkenaz are believed to have gone furthest, eventually reaching into into Central Europe. A corruption of Ripoth’s name is thought to be the origin for the word Europa, or Europe, while Togarmah is the father of the Armenians and Turks, from which the Khazars came. Altogether 12 of the 70 patriarchs mentioned in Genesis 10 were descendants of Japeth and founded what became the Caucasian Nations of Europe and Asia.

If our understanding of the history of the Khazars is correct, they would have assimilated into the communities of their Gentile cousins after being driven westward and could account for the dramatic rise of Judaism in Europe. This would also explain why a majority of Jews in Israel today are Ashkenazi, or European, Jews. After all they were the ones who came out of the concentration camps at the end of WW2 and resettled Israel.

However, to identify them as the Synagogue of Satan in Rev. 3:9, who say they are Jews but are liars, is to buy into the Palestinian myth that even if the Lord did give the Promised Land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob , the Jews of today have no right to it, not being descendants of Abraham, but rather a bunch of “recently” converted Gentiles.

Setting aside the validity of their conversions, there are many biological sons of Israel in the land today, surely representing all 12 tribes, and the miraculous way they got there is testimony to the legitimacy of their claim.