The Lord’s Death and The Resurrection of the Saints


Based on your info, which I believe to be correct, Jesus moved the Old Testament Saints from Abraham`s Bosom to Heaven sometime during the 3 days prior to His resurrection. But He didn’t sprinkle the Heavenly Mercy Seat until after His resurrection (John 20:17). Question is was the “Redemptive Process” complete enough to receive the Old Testament Saints in Heaven before the sprinkling of the Mercy Seat?


I’m sorry if I’ve given you the wrong impression. Matt. 27:52-53 contains the Bible’s only description of this resurrection. It says the tombs broke open when Jesus died and many holy people were raised to life. After the Lord’s resurrection they went into the Holy City and appeared to many people. Since Jesus apparently sprinkled His blood on the altar in heaven on Resurrection morning, this sample of resurrected believers could not have arrived in Heaven before He completed His final act of atonement as our High Priest. Although the Bible doesn’t say this specifically, I think Ephesians 4:8 hints that they ascended to heaven when He did, 40 days after His resurrection.