The Mark Of The Beast?


The Pass ID Act, introduced on June 15 and referred to the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; if enacted, it will erode personal freedoms by requiring all US citizens and legal residents to have a national identity card that will be needed to open a bank account, board an airplane, be able to vote, or conduct virtually all types of essential business; if embedded with an RFID chip, universal monitoring will be possible everywhere, all the time.

In your opinion and if it can be supported by Scripture, is this something that could be considered “we won’t be here” when and if this passes? Or do you think the Church will have to “pass the test” of accepting or denying this law? Obviously, I think a lot of people would be considering this the “mark of the beast” type scenario.


Since the mark of the beast can’t be introduced until the anti-Christ is in charge, and will contain either his name or his number (Rev. 13:17) a national ID card introduced now couldn’t be the mark of the beast. Also, Rev. 14:9-10 says that when the mark is introduced everyone will receive a supernatural warning against taking it. Either way, the Church will be long gone by then.