The Moon In The Millennium


I have a question that came to me last night: will the earth’s moon still be around during the 1000 years? I would think it wouldn’t be, as New Jerusalem would obstruct it’s orbit being nearly the same size.


If the New Jerusalem was shaped like a globe it would be about 2/3rds the size of the Moon. Matt. 24:29 says once the Great Tribulation ends the moon will no longer give its light. This makes sense because the Sun will go dark at that time as well and the Moon only reflects the Sun’s light. Rev. 21:23-24 says the New Jerusalem will not need the light of either the Sun or the Moon because the Glory of God will give it light. Then it says the nations (people on Earth) will walk by the light shining from the New Jerusalem. To me this would indicate neither the Sun nor the Moon will be present in the Millennium.