The People of The Branch?


Someone recently mentioned the Netzari, and I had never heard of them. I went to their website and they say that they alone are the Holy Remnant. They say Faith is the action of fulfilling Torah, by opening our hearts to the Word of YHWH and doing His Commandments, we turn from the lower nature of man and become a Kedoshim (Holy People). Faith is believing that Jesus came and died for our sins is it not? Is this Holy Remnant only the ones who fulfill the entire Torah? Will we, if we love Yeshua with all our heart be desiring to fulfill (obey) the entire Law?


The Hebrew word netzer means branch, and the Netzari, or Netzarim, are “the people of the branch.” It’s a term that referred to Christians in the earliest days of the Church because “The Branch” is a Messianic title from the Old Testament (Isaiah 11:1). Today it’s used by some Jewish people who’ve accepted Jesus as their Savior but still follow the Old Covenant.

Many religious groups claim to be the only true followers of Jesus, but the Bible says that “whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).

As our love for the Lord grows, we’ll have a growing desire to live a life that pleases Him, but the New Testament is clear that putting our focus on keeping the 613 laws of the Torah is missing the point. By including our own works in the formula for salvation, we’re saying that we don’t believe the Lord’s death was sufficient payment for our sins, and that we have to make up the difference. This is very dangerous, because it can lead to the belief that we are saving ourselves. That’s what got the Pharisees into so much trouble with the Lord. We’re saved because of what we believe, not how we behave. Behaving in a way that pleases God is how we say thanks for the free gift of salvation.