The Powerful Delusion. Follow Up


RE: The Powerful Delusion. How strong do you think it will be? Will people be able to resist it?


It will be strong enough to cause those who’ve rejected the truth to believe the lie that the anti-Christ is their savior (2 Thes. 2:11-12). Rev. 13:3-4 says the whole world will follow the anti-Christ and worship Satan. Rev. 16:11 says that they’ll know God is calling them through the judgments they’re experiencing but will curse Him and refuse to repent (change their minds). That’s pretty strong.

God will always take the desire of your heart and help you follow it to its ultimate extreme. Do you really want to be with God? He’ll save you from all your sins, make you as righteous as He is, and grant you an eternal destiny with Him filled with all the blessing that goes with it. Want Him out of your life for good? You’ll get it forever, and all the punishment that goes with that.