The Prince Of The Millennium


I have a question regarding the descriptions of the Temple and the division of the Land of Israel in Ezekiel 40-48. As you explained in one of your answers on the prophecy of Ezequiel, this is something that will be fulfilled during the Age of the Kingdom. But, reviewing the account, I found out in Eze. 45:7-8 that part of the land should be set apart for the Prince, who I think is the Lord Jesus. Specifically in verse 8 he talks about “princes”. Furthermore, in Eze. 46:16-18 he says that the prince could give part of his land as inheritance to his sons. How can it be? Is it possible that the Lord will have children during the Millennium? Or, am I getting something wrong?


The Prince is a descendant of David’s who was first promised back in Ezekiel 34:23-24. We know that he will be a man, not the Messiah, because he’ll have to offer sacrifices for his own sins (Ezek. 45:22), and he’ll have children (Ezek. 46:16). He will govern Israel under the authority of the Messiah.