The Rapture And The Anti-Christ


What view do you hold based on Scripture with regard to the amount of time that may lapse between the Rapture and the revealing of Antichrist? Dave Hunt spoke convincingly of a very short duration between the two events. What say you?


Obviously, there’s no clear scripture to help us here, the Rapture being a secret event. But my opinion is that the span of time between the two could be relatively short.

If, as I believe, Israel will be re-awakened by Ezekiel’s battle then Daniel’s 70th week will begin on its heels. Two things will happen very soon thereafter. The Jews will demand a Temple and the anti-Christ will help them get it. Although his official introduction takes place in the middle of the 70th week, he’ll have to already be a person of considerable popularity and influence to confirm the treaty that begins it.

And since I believe that Israel and the Church are mutually exclusive in God’s plan, that means the Church will have to disappear before Ezekiel’s battle is concluded.