The Serpent


In the book of Genesis, when God placed the curse on the serpent, God told the serpent he would crawl on his belly…….for all the days of his life. Now I know this is going to sound a little far out there, but I need to ask. Before the curse, was the serpent walking upright in some way?


The Hebrew word translated serpent in Genesis 3 comes from a root that means enchanter, one who practices divination. So this serpent was a lot different from the kind we’re familiar with. And some parts of the curse are prophetic of Satan’s destiny.

There’s no record of the serpent’s appearance beforehand, but from the way it was cursed one could infer that it previously had legs and perhaps even stood upright.

Finally, the fact that God cursed the serpent tells us it was somehow complicit in the deception, and not just the victim of a Satanic possession, as many believe.