The Seven Thunders Of Rev. 10


I was studying the judgments of the end times for the purpose of warning some friends I care about what awaits them if they continue to put off salvation. I’d like your opinion on something. While the fact is no one knows for sure it seems to me that the 7 thunders are an unrevealed series of judgments, probably worse than the trumpet judgments, but not as severe as the bowl judgments. I say this because of the number of thunders and the location of the thunders in the book. What’s your opinion?


There are many who believe as you do that the 7 thunders of Rev. 10:1-4 are an undisclosed series of judgments. I lean that way myself but haven’t spent a lot of time studying it because the Lord told John not to describe them.

The question is, why would the Lord have let John mention them at all if not to warn his readers that there was something coming? In Psalm 29:3 the voice of the Lord is compared to thunder, and in verses 4-9 there are seven references to what the power of His voice can do. Perhaps that’s a hint of what the seven thunders are about.