The Temple In Shiloh


You have mentioned that the new temple will most likely be built at Shiloh – where the tabernacle rested for 400 years. You refer to a passage in Ezekiel where God revealed this location to him. Could you please give me the exact scripture site? Is it just a lack of desire to keep the Jews from constucting there now? I ask this because I know there is a movement in Israel among a select few who are trying to build a new temple. Have they considered Shiloh?


It’s not as simple as looking up a verse in the Bible, but if you read Ezekiel 48 and lay out the land portions on a map you will see that the so-called sacred portion falls into the area where the ancient city of Shiloh once stood.

There is no official desire to build a Temple anywhere in Israel just now, and the small minority of religious believers that favors one seems to be focused more on regaining what was lost in the past than looking forward to the future. For example, the Jewish Sanhedrin has recently re-convened for the first time in 1600 years. Their first topic of study? To discover exactly where the last Temple stood.