Shiloh And The Coming Temple


If the temple will be rebuilt at Shiloh, where in Israel is Shiloh? Does the place have another name now?


Shiloh was located about 20 miles north and a little east of Jerusalem. It was Israel’s first capitol city and for 400 years it was home to the Tabernacle. It fell from prominence when the Philistines defeated Israel and captured the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam. 4:1-10). Later King David relocated the Ark to Jerusalem after the Philistines returned it. Since Shiloh was abandoned in Old Testament times you have to look at a map of ancient Israel, like this one to find it.

Here’s a link to a current news story on the excavation of Shiloh. Whether they realize it or not, archaeologists may be preparing Shiloh for it’s future role as home to the coming Temple.