The Three Day Three Night Mystery


It seems that if Jesus were buried Thursday afternoon, he wouldn’t have been in the grave 3 full days and 3 full nights. For that to have happened, he would have had to been crucified on Wednesday. Any thoughts?


You’re adding to the text. It doesn’t say three full days and three full nights. Literally, the Greek is three day periods and three night periods. Also, the Jewish day goes from sunset to sunset, and night precedes day. He died on Thursday about 3 in the afternoon, being on the cross since morning, and was immediately laid in the tomb. Day 1. At sunset, it became Friday night. Night 1. The next morning was Friday day. Day 2. Then at sunset, it was Saturday night. Night 2. Then Saturday day. Day 3. Then Sunday night, Night 3. By Sunday morning He had risen from the grave.