The Timing Of Revelation 21-22


In your commentary of Revelation chapter 21, you quoted Isaiah 65:20 by saying: “The vast oceans, silent witnesses to the enormity of Noah’s flood will be hoisted back into the outer atmosphere, restoring the water vapor canopy that protected early man and allowing the return of long life spans they experienced. (Isaiah 65:20)”.

The statement, ” allowing the return of long life spans they experienced”, in my opinion, based on Revelation 21: 4 which says, “…there shall be no more death…” is not quite correct. I believe Isaiah 65:20 is referring to the millennium period.


You’re right about Isaiah 65:20. After following his two themes, Satan’s destiny and the resurrection of unbelievers, to their final conclusions at the end of the Millennium in Rev. 20, John backed up to the beginning of the Millennium for chapters 21-22.

Chapter 21 describes the new Jerusalem, where there’ll be no more death, and chapter 22 describes life on Earth where long life spans will be restored.

Some people mistakenly view Rev. 21 & 22 as descriptions of eternity because they follow John’s summary of events that take place at the end of the millennium. But both chapters contain references to time, and eternity by definition is the absence of time.

Beyond stating that there is one, the Bible gives no information on our circumstances during eternity. Since it’s the handbook for the Age of Man, it begins with the Creation and ends with man’s final disposition at the end of the millennium.