The US And The 10 Toes Of Daniel 2


I have a question about the statue in Daniel chapter 2. Could it be possible for the US to be the toes? We have European roots and our government has similarities to Rome. Our people are a mixture and the way things are heading, looks like soon we will no longer be united, as a people. It also states, “in the time of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people.”


Some see the 10 toes as a 10 nation confederacy located in the geographical territory of the old Roman Empire (Europe and the Middle East). Others see them as 10 regional governments that rule the world under the ultimate authority of the anti-Christ. Rev. 17:12-13 hints of this.

In this 2nd view, the US could become one of the 10 toes. In order for this to happen the US, perhaps after linking up with Mexico and Canada, would have to merge into some form of world government that would include 9 other regional entities.

As for the Kingdom that God sets up that will never be destroyed, it’s the Messianic Kingdom of Jesus that begins at the time of His 2nd Coming.

Sorry, but there’s no Biblical basis for believing that the US could be all 10 toes and the Kingdom that God sets up that will never be destroyed.