The Voice Of The Lord


My question is on 1 Samuel 3:10, in the verse it states that the LORD came and stood and called Samuel as the other times. The Hebrew word for “came” is bow’ which could mean (to enter, come in)… and the word “stood” in Hebrew is yatsab which means (station oneself or present oneself). Then in verse 21 in chapter 3 it states that the LORD appeared again to Samuel. The word for appeared in Hebrew is ra’ah which could mean (to be visible).

So I guess my real question is, was this a pre-incarnate appearance of Christ, as in other times in the OT?


In Old Testament physical appearances, Jesus is normally referred to as the angel of the Lord, as opposed to an angel of the Lord. (Judges 13:3) The Samuel passage doesn’t use either and doesn’t specifically require a physical presence because Samuel only heard a voice (and only he heard it), so while it could be the voice of Jesus, I believe it was the voice of the Father.