The Wars Of The Second Seal Judgment


You have stated that the opening of the 2nd Seal will be characterized by major wars breaking out in various places. If these wars are associated with the 2nd seal, that would mean they will occur after Ezk. 38. So who do you think they will involve, where might they be fought, and what might be the reasons for these conflicts? Do you think they will involve only Israel? With the Rapture having already occurred causing a considerable weakening of America’s defenses, wouldn’t you think this would be a time when Russia might launch an attack on us? Especially with our recent worsening relationship with them?


Yes, I believe the Seal judgments will happen after the Battle of Ezekiel 38. The Bible doesn’t say who the wars of the 2nd Seal will involve, but I think they will be fought to establish the anti-Christ’s control of the world. According to Rev. 6:2, he will come as a conqueror bent on conquest. Daniel 8:25 says he will be disguised as a peacemaker and will fool much of the world at first. But with the arrival of the red horse (2nd seal) his real intent will become clear.

1 Thes. 5:3 tells us while people are saying peace and safety destruction will come upon them suddenly. I think this means just as people have begun to believe that the anti-Christ’s resolution of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 is working, war will break out again. But I don’t believe the world will suddenly sink into a state of anarchy with countries attacking each other on their own initiative. I think the anti-Christ will be orchestrating this and will convince people that these wars are necessary to bring a lasting peace.

And remember, the Russians will be defeated in Ezekiel’s battle and some say their homeland will sustain nuclear attacks during that time as well (Ezek. 39:6). They may not be in any shape to mount another attack on anyone so soon afterward.