The Water Vapor Canopy


I’ve recently undertaken a “Bible in a Year” study program and I have some questions: First, when the “waters above and waters below” are mentioned in the creation story,, what does this mean? Also, how did the members of Adam’s line live so long, some over 900 years? Was this due to their physical proximity to God? Thanks in advance and I can’t wait for the return of our Lord!


When God separated the waters above from the waters below (Genesis 1:6-8) He was using vaporized water to create a canopy around the planet at the outer edge of our atmosphere to ward off harmful cosmic rays. This is why the aging process was only about 1/10th of its current speed permitting the long life spans in Genesis. During the flood He allowed the canopy to collapse, probably bringing Earth its first rainfall and first bad weather. Reading the genealogies in Genesis shows that average lifespans got progressively shorter after the flood. For example Abraham lived only 175 years, whereas Noah who died at age 900 lived to see Abraham’s 50th birthday and Noah’s son Shem actually out lived Abraham even though he was born 10 generations earlier.

Today the Earth’s magnetic field performs a similar function, keeping lifespans relatively stable although far below the times before the flood. In the Millennium lifespans will again increase, suggesting the re-appearance of the water vapor canopy.