The Widow And The Oil. Follow Up


In The Widow And The Oil you said, “The widow and her sons hadn’t done anything to earn this.” Are you sure about that? She offered no sacrifices or other works? Was there no display of faith? Was this the widow who gave her last bit of food to the Prophet, and prepared to die?


This widow appears nowhere except in 2 Kings 4:1-7 which contains nothing about her background, her worthiness or even her spiritual condition. It doesn’t speak of any sacrifice or works. Her sons gathered the jars and brought them to her. Her only acts were to complain to Elisha and then to pour the oil he promised and that supernaturally appeared into each jar as long as there were empty jars. You could say she acted in faith when she sent her sons to ask for jars. But there’s no indication from Scripture that she had done anything to “earn” what she got.

The widow you speak of was from Zarephath. She gave her last bit of food to Elijah, not Elisha, and was blessed for doing so (1 Kings 17:7-16).