Thoughts On The Election


was wondering what you think Obama becoming President means for Bible prophecy if anything. There seems to be a lot of fear going around that him getting elected is somehow going to be the catalyst that sets everything in motion but I don’t see it. I’m not saying I’m glad he’s President but there seems to be a lot of extreme reactions on both sides and I was just wondering what your take on everything is. God Bless.


Back when Hillary had the Democratic party nomination just about sewed up, I dismissed Mr. Obama as someone who had no business running for president and no chance of winning. I remember saying that if he did become a serious candidate it would be due to supernatural help, not because of his qualifications.

Normally, what little we know about his political upbringing would have scared us all away, and if that didn’t then the things he’s been saying he’ll do when elected certainly should have. And according to some, legitimate questions remain unanswered about his race (is he black or Arab?) his religion (is he Christian or Moslem?) and his nationality (is he a US citizen by birth or a Kenyan?). In short there are a dozen good reasons why his candidacy should never have gained traction, and none to explain how he got elected.

But in spite of all that he has been. The Bible says that it’s God who raises up our leaders, but as the history of Israel clearly demonstrates, He doesn’t always give us the ones we need. He gives us the ones we deserve. What America needed was someone who would have brought us back to Him. But having rejected Him over and over on nearly every level America deserves someone who will take us further away, because that’s what America wants.

In the prophetic sense, I believe the spiritual middle ground is being further eroded. The days ahead will be another another culling of the name only Christians from the true believers in preparation for the Rapture. It’s a good time to remember that our true citizenship is in heaven.