Three Battles Or One?


I don’t understand how students of Bible Prophecy have come to see Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 as two different events. Can you shed any light as to how these two prophecies (Psalm 83 & Isaiah 17) do not converge in the Ezekiel 38-39 battle?


Many scholars believe the fact that the enemies mentioned in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 are not part of Ezekiel 38 and those mentioned in Ezekiel 38 are not part of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 indicates they are at least two and perhaps three different events.

Also, Israel can’t meet the conditions of being a peaceful unsuspecting nation as Ezekiel 38:8,11,14 requires as long as their next door neighbors, mentioned in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, continue to be a constant threat to their security. These neighbors have to be neutralized to meet the conditions required for Ezekiel 38 to take place.