Three Kings Of Daniel 11. Follow Up


I forwarded your article, The Three Kings Of Daniel 11, to certain individuals and received a reply from one of them to the effect that the prophecies have already been fulfilled in history. He wanted to know what makes you think they’re applicable to today’s events. Care to tackle the question?


This prophecy has only been partially fulfilled in the past. Partial fulfillments are often confirming signs that the total fulfillment lies in the distant future. Isaiah 9:6-7 is a good example of this. The child was born and the son was given, and some have called Him the Prince of Peace, but none of the rest has happened yet.

But there’s other evidence that the prophecy is for the future. Daniel 11:40 begins with the phrase “at the time of the end” and goes on to mention the three kings I wrote about. Daniel 12 begins with the phrase “at that time” meaning at the same time as Daniel 11:40 and speaks of the Great Tribulation and the resurrection of the dead in the first 2 verses. In verse 4 the angel repeated that his message was for the time of the end. Since I believe the rebirth of Israel is a sign that we’re nearing the end of the age, I believe Daniel 11-12 are applicable to our time.