Three Views On Earth’s Creation


I read a commentary about the book of Genesis and it says that there are three interpretation as to the age of the earth; 1. that the earth was created 7000 thousand years ago according to the genealogy in the bible literally in 7 days 2. That the earth was created millions of years ago, and 3. That the earth was created in 7 days but one day is equal to thousands of years.

These are confusing because of so much evidence that speaks about millions of years of earth’s existence. I cling to that view because God created the heavens which is the universe and the earth; but the very heaven where God lives we don’t know exactly because it is where God lives and since God is eternal then heaven is eternal and God did not create it in human understanding of creation and therefore angels were created long time ago too before the creation of man.

Please share your view on this one and thank you for sharing your wisdom to us. God bless you my faithful brother


Among all the unknowns surrounding the Creation, there are three things that arouse believers’ curiosity more than any other. How old is the Earth, how long did it take to create it, and when were the angels created? Since the only witness to these events is God himself, it’s best to rely on information we can find in the Bible.

1. How old is the Earth?

I’m one of those who believe that the Earth could be much older than mankind’s 6,000 year existence. No one knows how much older, but the Hebrew language implies an unmeasured span of time between Genesis 1:2 and 1:3, when Creation Day 1 begins.

2. How long did it take?

There’s absolutely no reason to dispute the 6 day time span the Bible gives as the length of the Creation with each day containing 24 hours. Evidence for this view is overwhelming.

3. When were the angels created?

Although angels are clearly created beings, no mention is made of the time of their creation. Job 38:6-7 tells us that they shouted for joy when the Earth’s foundations were laid. So all we know is that their creation preceded Earth’s.

As for the issue of the heavens, the Bible speaks of three heavens (1 Corinthians 12:2). First, there’s the Earth’s atmosphere, the visible arch of the sky where the clouds move. Then there’s the vast expanse inhabited by the stars, and finally the throne of God.

In Genesis 1:1 the Hebrew word translated heavens is a dual form, meaning it’s speaking of only the first two of these, excluding God’s throne.