Two Views Of Ezekiel 38


I’ve been doing some online study and have come across various views on Ezekiel 38. I’ve basically compiled most opinions into two camps of thought concerning the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39.

The most popular view is that Ezekiel’s battle is a unique battle before Tribulation that coincides with the rapture. It’s this battle that kicks off Tribulation and ultimately Armageddon as the church is pulled from earth either just prior or immediately after.

The second view is that this battle does not take place before Tribulation, but is one of many battles during Armageddon. If the War of Armageddon could be equated to World War Two, Ezekiel’s battle would equate to say, The Battle of El Alamein and the second coming to say the D-Day invasion.

What clues does the bible give to predate this battle before Tribulation? Do the prophets in the bible speak of any specific battles during Armageddon if Ezekiel’s description in chapter 38 and 39 is not one of them?


To me the biggest clue that the battle precedes the 70th week of Daniel is at the end of it God reveals himself to the Jews and restores their Old Covenant relationship (Ezek. 39:22). This event gives birth to the demand for a Temple, clearly visible during the last 7 years. Without that re-awakening there would be no national desire for a Temple and the return to the sacrifice and offering that the anti-Christ later puts to an end to kick off the Great Tribulation.

As for battles during Armageddon, no there are none indicated because Armageddon itself is the last great battle.