Time Frame Of God’s Wrath. Follow Up


Your recent answer regarding the time-frame of God’s wrath gave me pause. In Revelation we see a multitude of martyred saints gathered about the Throne, beseeching God to avenge their deaths. He tells them to wait a little longer. (Perhaps there are still some post rapture believers that haven’t been martyred yet?) Wouldn’t this suggest that His Wrath is poured out after the last martyr enters Heaven? It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah, where God established that He wouldn’t destroy the towns if even one righteous were still found there. I suspect that His Wrath is gonna be for a period towards the end of the tribulation, and might even follow the flood and Egypt patterns in the neighborhood of 40 days.


The martyred souls under the altar in Rev. 6:9-11 are the first post-Church martyrs of Daniel’s 70th week. Many more will follow (Rev. 7:9-17, Rev. 20:4).

According to the Bible the time of God’s wrath begins with the seal judgments (Rev. 6:17) and ends with the bowl judgments (Rev. 15:1). Anything else is just unsupported opinion. There’s no indication that it will follow the patterns of other Biblical judgments.

By the way, the flood didn’t last for 40 days, that’s just how long it rained. Noah and his family were in the ark for over a year (Genesis 7:11-12, Genesis 8:13-15).