Timing The Events Of The Second Coming


When do you think the Sheep and Goats judgment will take place? My confusion stems from Revelation 19:17-18 when the angel calls all the birds to feed on the flesh of all men. Both obviously happen after the Glorious Appearing of Christ. But, if all men die by the sword of Jesus Christ’s mouth and are eaten who is alive to go to the Sheep and Goat judgment? I have considered it might be at the time of the White Throne Judgment, but I am uncertain about this!


Here’s how you can be certain of the timing of events surrounding the Second Coming. First, assume that Matt. 24-25 should be read in the order in which it appears and look for something I call “time stamps”. These are verses that tell you when something will happen. For example, Matt. 24:15 gives the first one by telling us how people on Earth will know the Great Tribulation has begun. Matt. 24:29 tells how they will know when it has ended, and Matt. 24:30-31 shows when the Second Coming will take place.

Everything after that follows the Second Coming. Matt. 24:36-39 says the Second Coming will be like the Great Flood was, taking unbelievers by surprise. Then in three more places the Lord said people on Earth at the time will not know the day or hour of His Coming, so they will have to keep watch (Matt. 24:42-44, Matt. 24:50, Matt. 25:13).

Matt. 25:1 begins with “At that time” meaning the time of the Second Coming. Matt. 25:14 begins with “Again” meaning He was still talking about the time of the Second Coming.

Finally Matt. 25:31 says, “When the son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him”. This a reference to Matt. 24:30-31. It confirms that everything between Matt. 24:31 and Matt. 25:46 will take place at the time of the Second Coming, including the Sheep and Goat judgment.

Rev. 19:19-21 tells us that the people the angel was talking about in Rev. 19:17-18 are the armies of the anti-Christ and are not meant to include every person on Earth.