Coming Events?


I was wondering if you could comment on a vision by (a well known TV preacher) about what is possibly coming to the US soon. The message is more than just a vision. It is a specific message for the Church and the true believers. In a nut shell it says:

There is a big incident/crisis coming to the US and the rising fuel prices are just the tip of it. He even admits that he is not 100% clear on what it is, but he senses that it has to do with Israel, Iran, Syria and the US, and the global impact on fuel and food that it will experience. In any case, the actual warning is that the Church is supposed to take care of its own people first, then help the lost, and in doing so the lost will come in and give glory to God. There is a warning that many false Christians and non-Christians will try to act like believers in order to get help, but that we need to be careful.

He goes on to say that we are not to be frightened when it happens, but rather to be filled with the Spirit and rise up to declare the Gospel to the perishing. He also thinks that the Rapture is indeed imminent, but we may go through this crisis first, then we are out of here. He said that the crisis will be rather brief actually, which leads me to think that it will be a great time for the Gospel to be preached, and that our words will still have a great impact when the 70th week begins.

Just curious what your thoughts are on this and what you think is coming to the US in the near future.


Whether this is a vision from God or not, I don’t know. But a simple glance at the world news will confirm that what he said is true. Economists from the Bank of Scotland have recently said essentially the same thing, without the part about helping the believers first, of course. It does seem strange to me the the Lord would warn us against non-believers trying to get help. Aren’t we supposed to reach out to the world? And aren’t the Lord’s capabilities sufficient for all who come to Him in need?