Timing Of The Two Witnesses


I noticed recently that you believe that the 3.5 years that the 2 witnesses are on earth during Daniel’s 70th week does not correspond to the 1st 3.5 years but overlap to 2nd half. Please give me scripture that leads you to that conclusion.


The 2 witnesses first appear in Rev. 11:1-12 before the 7th Trumpet sounds. But the Great Tribulation doesn’t begin on Earth until Rev. 13 . Also, after their 1260 day ministry they will be killed and their bodies will lay in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days, during which time people from all over the Earth will celebrate (Rev. 11:7-10). This will have to happen sometime before the Great Tribulation ends. Therefore I conclude that the ministry of the 2 witnesses will begin before the Great Tribulation starts and will be over before it ends.