The Timing Of The Bowl Judgments


I was reading your e-book on Understanding Revelation (very good) but it has raised a couple of questions in chapter 16 and the bowl judgements. In verse 2 it says painful sores came on men who had the mark of the beast on them. Taken literally that means post rapture believers do not suffer these sores. Also in verse 12, the Euphrates river dries up. Again taking things literally that means the plagues of the seas and fresh water have a time limit on them. So does that mean all the plagues there is an interlude between each one, maybe to give these people chance to repent? What is your take on this?


I believe the painful sores of the first bowl judgment (Rev. 16:2) will only afflict those with the mark of the beast. As for the judgments upon the sources of water, turning them to blood, (Rev. 16;3-6) hardly anyone can live for more than 3 days without water. Since many survive these and the other bowl judgments they will have to be temporary signs meant to display the power of God. Also, the seven bowl judgments unfold over much of the 3 1/2 year long Great Tribulation, which to me indicates some span of time between them.