God’s Judgments Or Mother Nature?


All too often I hear people try to use acts of Mother Nature as God’s judgment on the sins of people. Is this really possible if we believe we live in the “Age of the Church” or under Grace? Is what some see as God’s judgment actually just the natural way of sin in a fallen world and not God actually choosing to judge us?


As I’m sure you know, Mother Nature is a made up figure based on the pagan earth goddess for people people who don’t want to admit that God is the one who created the Earth. In that respect she’s like Santa Claus is to Christmas.

That said, as severe as some of these events are, they are not judgments. Instead they are warnings of the coming judgments, which are all clearly described in the Book of Revelation. Jesus called the things that are happening now birth pangs (Matt. 24:7-8), and said they would lead up to a series of judgments so bad the world has never seen anything like it. He called the worst of them the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24:21). Those judgments will make the things we’re experiencing now seem like the good old days. The Bible tells us before that happens the church will be taken out of the way (1 Thes. 1:10).