Acts Of Nature Or Judgments From God?


I know that God has used nature in the past to bring his judgments upon man. Do you believe that the judgments in Revelation (seal, trumpet, and bowl) will be “natural enough” or “logical enough” that they can be explained away by man as just acts of nature? Or, do you believe they will be so supernatural that they can only be explained as acts of God?


The end times judgments, at least at the beginning, will appear to be acts of nature although they’ll get more and more extreme as they progress. Unbelievers might be able to write them off as bad weather at first, but it will soon become clear that it’s the worst “weather” the world has ever experienced. And right from the beginning some will know what’s going on. Some world leaders will be announcing that the wrath of God has begun by the end of the Seal judgments (Rev. 6:15-17) and according to Rev. 15:11 and Rev. 16:21 men on Earth will be cursing God for causing so much pain and destruction during the Great Tribulation.

The problem is that most people will believe Satan is the good guy (Rev. 13:4) and that God is the enemy who is trying to destroy them. In spite of everything, they’ll cling to their irrational belief that Satan will eventually win and then everything will be OK.