To Eternity And Beyond


I have a question concerning the events at the end of the millennium. As I understand it, at the end of the millennium Satan is released from the pit and deceives many and they are destroyed by the Lord. What about the ones that do not rebel and are saved?

I have read one opinion that they are preserved (like Noah) while the Earth and Heavens are renovated by fire. Then they (still having their fleshly bodies) receive a new heart and then repopulate the Earth and Heavens in eternity?


Whatever you’ve heard about eternity, beyond the fact that there is one, is pure conjecture on someone’s part. The Bible, being the Handbook for the Age of Man, begins with man’s creation and ends with His final disposition at the close of the Millennium. As you indicate, this includes Satan’s release and unsaved man’s disastrous final attempt to defeat God.

Although we know that things happened before the Creation, like Satan’s fall and the origin of angels, the Bible doesn’t describe these events in any detail. So it is with Eternity. This time we’ll be there to see it unfold, but so far we haven’t been given any details. Among the hidden details is the final disposition of those born during the Millennium who accept the Lord’s offer of salvation. We can safely assume that the Lord grants them eternal life, but we don’t know anything else about them for sure.