Tribulation In 2015?


An online news service recently wrote an article entitled “Will Tribulation Begin a Year From Now?” In the article, the author uses some kind of calculations to determine that Fall 2015 could possibly be the beginning of the Tribulation. Do you think this is likely? Is it possible to predict the beginning of the Tribulation period?


The idea that the tribulation, more properly known as Daniel’s 70th Week, could possibly begin a year from now is actually based on two hypotheses that I find to be highly speculative. It’s theoretically possible that Daniel’s 70th Week could begin that soon, but based on my understanding of Bible prophecy the following things would have to happen between now and then.

1. The rapture of the Church would have to take place.

2. Both the prophecies of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 would have to be fulfilled.

3. Israel would have to be back in a national covenant with God.

4. The one who will become known as the anti-Christ would have to be in a position to confirm a covenant with Israel permitting the construction of a Temple in Israel.

All these things could happen within a year, and if they do then Daniel’s 70th Week could begin.