Christmas Food Distribution 2015

Every Christmas, we put together a food distribution for especially needy families in the community where our home building ministry is focused. This year, because of your incredible generosity, we were able to double the size of our distribution and even add some extras! We have always included the basics for the average household here in Mexico, but this year we were able to add some meat and other items that are considered splurges. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Our order delivered is pictured below. It includes:

200 pounds rice

200 pounds beans

200 pounds wheat flour

120 pounds potatoes

6 cases masa flour

6 cases shelf stable milk

6 cases tomato puree

6 cases vegetable oil

6 cases pasta

200 pounds powdered all purpose soap

62 packages toilet paper

3 cases mayonnaise

1 case instant coffee

3 cases sugar

40 lbs chicken

3 cases hot dogs

Click on image to enlarge.