Christmas Food & Gift Distribution 2014

Last week we put together a Christmas food distribution for 31 especially needy families in the community where our home building ministry is focused. The pictures show the bulk shipment itemized below,  a sample of  the gift packages we made from it, and some of the happy moms whose families received a special Christmas gift package this year.  In the process we noticed some extra needy families, and included Christmas presents for some kids who otherwise would not have received any.  This all happened thanks to the Lord’s prompting and your generosity.  Click on any image to enlarge.

100 pounds rice

100 pounds beans

100 pounds wheat flour

60 pounds potatoes

3 cases masa flour

3 cases shelf stable milk

3 cases tomato puree

3 cases vegetable oil

3 cases pasta

100 pounds powdered all purpose soap

31 packages toilet paper