Tribulation And Wrath. Follow Up


I find it interesting that everyone who believes in a pre-trib rapture never addresses Rev. 7:14. Just how do you have Christians coming into heaven out of the great tribulation if all Christians are raptured before the tribulation?


Rev. 7:9-17 is not about the Church. You can tell by their job description. They are not kings and priests, they serve God in His Temple (Rev. 7:15). Also, a straight chronological reading of Revelation tells us the Great Tribulation begins after Satan is hurled to earth in Rev. 12.

If you do a study on the Greek word translated “out of” in Rev. 7:14 you’ll see it means “out of the time, place, or cause” of the Great Tribulation. They won’t be here when it happens, they won’t be where it happens, and they won’t be why it happens.

In other words these believers will come to faith after the rapture and become casualties of the Seal Judgments, arriving in Heaven before the Great Tribulation begins.