Two Prophecy Questions


I have a couple of questions I would like your input on as I have wondered about these for some time. First, a lot of talk lately has been that the Antichrist may be a Muslim. What are your thoughts on this? It seems that there is a change in some of the thinking on this recently. Secondly, do you believe that those inhabitants who are living in their mortal bodies during the millennium may continue throughout eternity in their natural bodies? It would certainly add credence to all of the new extra-solar planets being discovered recently.


I think that the anti-Christ could as likely be an Arab from the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire as a European from the Western leg. The more we learn about the rise of Islam the more similarities we see between the anti-Christ and the Islamic al Mahdi. They both come on the scene during a time of great chaos, both claim to be peace makers, both have a 7 year reign, control a one world empire and one world religion, and both tolerate no alternatives. If they’re not the same, it’s quite a coincidence.

The Bible doesn’t really say anything specific about eternity. I do believe the other planets were created for some purpose and have always felt that we’d at least visit them in eternity.

But it will be impossible for humans to spend eternity in their natural bodies. Natural beings with their sin nature would contaminate eternity just as we have contaminated mortality. This is why Adam and Eve lost their immortality after sampling the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:22).