Understanding Mark 8:22-26


Re: Mark 8:22-26. Jesus, as Creator of everything,could have healed this guy all at once without even touching him. So He must have had a reason for doing it in stages like that, and for putting it in the Bible. What is it? Many thanks for your wisdom & patience.


Your point is well taken, so there must be more going on here than meets the eye (no pun intended). I think this healing, in addition to being a legitimate miracle, was also a parable. I believe the man represents Israel and the two stages of healing represent the Lord’s first and second comings. At His first coming Israel only recognized a vague shadow of the Messiah. They won’t comprehend Him clearly until the 2nd coming.

In some ways the same can be said of us. As incredible as it is, accepting Him as our Savior is only the beginning. We can’t appreciate Him fully until we make Him our Lord and experience the blessing of a life in fellowship with Him.