Using A TV Show To Defend His Opinion?


A friend of mine posted a scene from a TV show on You Tube. He used it to defend his opinion that the Bible is wrong about homosexuality. I stand on God’s word but I can’t explain this actor’s statements.


I don’t know why you would even bother. This is an actor being paid to speak lines written by someone else in a fictional TV show. There’s no attempt to provide a credible interpretation of the Bible. It’s a scene where one fictional character is trying to embarrass another one in a situation that would never happen in real life. No sincere person would stake his or her eternal destiny on such “evidence”.

If your friend is truly seeking to understand God’s word on the issue, point him or her to the numerous references to homosexuality in the New Testament. For example, Romans 1:18-32 was written by Paul, a real person who was willing to die for his beliefs, not some fictional character reciting lines in a TV show. Otherwise ignore the posting.