Visiting Loved Ones


If I understand correctly, the millennium on earth will be populated by humans who were born during the tribulation or saved after the rapture. Why would God want us (believers) to be separated from our loved ones at the millennium? Believers won’t be with the humans alive on earth at that time, as I understand it. What if the people on earth include some of our children or grandchildren? Or a spouse or dear friend? We would be separated from our families or dear loved ones for 1,000 years. That seems harsh.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your godly wisdom and insight!!


The fact that the Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem and Tribulation saints will not does not mean they’ll be kept apart. And it’s true that humans in their natural state, still having a sin nature, won’t be able to enter the New Jerusalem. But as perfected believers we’ll be able to visit any place in the universe, traveling at the speed of thought, any time we want.

But more importantly, you’re conclusion doesn’t factor in one of the basic features of your new life, and that’s eternal joy. The Lord will not permit anything to interrupt or moderate that. You won’t be prevented from seeing your loved ones.