Can Departed Loved Ones See Us?


I thank God for your researched and thoughtful insights. Your Q & A’s are always such a joy to read.

Maybe you can help me with this question. Are those who have passed on ahead of us aware of the daily actions of those of us who still remain? Thank you for your response.


Obviously, no one has ever come back to answer that question for us, so all we have is opinion. The Bible only says that there’s rejoicing in Heaven each time one of us is born again (Luke 15:7,10).

Some believe that our departed loved ones do observe us regularly. Personally I think it would be difficult for them to have to watch us stumble along with out being able to warn or advise us. Unless they develop the same detachment about us that we have for the characters in a movie or TV show, having to watch us would make heaven a very frustrating place to be.