Praying To Deceased Loved Ones


My family has experienced several deaths over the last few years and remaining family members have dealt with the grief in a variety of ways. Often, I am told that they will also pray to the deceased during prayers with God. Additionally, several family members believe they have seen the ghost of recently departed love ones. My questions are related to the above scenarios. Can we and should we address our deceased love ones during prayer? Do you believe that deceased love ones are sometimes allowed to appear to surviving family members or is this something else such as psychological effects of grief or even something more sinister?


The Bible makes it clear that we are to pray only to God and Jesus. Praying to the deceased implies that we believe they have the power to answer us. They don’t. The appearance of departed loved ones is a sinister trick designed to accomplish the very thing you’ve described. Taking the emphasis off God and ascribing His powers to others.