Walking With “Believers” Falling Short


I want to be obedient, and not to quarrel among other believers. But so many other believers are falling short, in my opinion, in that they are of the Emergent Church, LDS, JW, or Mary worshipping. My question is, how am I to deal with these people, when they claim that Jesus is their savior? And, is it the “right” Jesus even? How can I walk or fellowship with them?

God bless you Jack, I enjoy your site. I thank God when I do find other believers basing all that they learn on His Word.


It is true that many who claim to be Christian do not meet the requirements that we believe are necessary for admission into the Kingdom. You can’t walk with them but you can witness to them. Present your view on what it means to be a Christian and be prepared to back it up with Scripture. If they disagree, at least they will have heard the truth. If they try to persuade you to their point of view, just stick to your Scriptures and remember that no one ever won an argument over religion. If they get mad and go away, just keep your cool and let them. You won’t win them over by getting mad and you can’t win them over by ignoring them. Jesus said that others would know we’re Christians by our love. Your demonstration of love, even though you disagree with them, might make them stop and think. It’s the only thing that can.