Was King Solomon Saved?


I like reading your Q&A during lunch and noticed a post concerning King’s Saul’s salvation. That brought to my mind a question I have had concerning King Solomon’s salvation. That led me to so a search of “Solomon” on your site wondering if anyone had asked you about King Solomon’s salvation. We know God gave him wisdom beyond any other man and Solomon also acquired great wealth, but Based on 1 Kings 11:33 I wonder the same about King Solomon.


I think the issue of Solomon’s salvation rests with something the Bible does not reveal, and that’s if Solomon made peace with God before his death.

I say this because while Solomon didn’t stop believing in God, (how could he after what he’d experienced) he did permit and even encourage the worship of other gods, and even worshiped them himself.

1 Kings 11:1-13 explains how the Lord was angry with Solomon and caused the nation to be torn apart because of his disobedience.