Was Tyre Destroyed?


In reading this weeks article I saw the reference to the modern day city of Tyre. This reminded me of Ezekiel 26 where the prophecy concerning the destruction of Tyre is made and the fact it will not be rebuilt. Keeping in mind I am 100% certain of the infallibility of God’s Word I have searched and found several answers to this apparent contradiction but am curious as to what you feel is the best explanation.


When Alexander built his causeway out to the island fortress of Tyre in order to destroy it, he used every scrap from the ruins of the mainland part of the city that had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. The location was so thoroughly scavenged that for centuries no one knew the exact location of the former city. The current Lebanese City of Tyre bears the same name but it’s not the same city as its Phoenician predecessor.

A similar situation exists with Jericho. When Joshua destroyed the original city, he pronounced a curse on anyone who tried to rebuild it (Joshua 6:26-27). Today there’s a city called Jericho in the Palestinian territory, but the only thing it has in common with the original one is the name.