Where Is Tyre?


In Middle East Flames you said Tyre is a city in Lebanon today. Why is the city of Tyre still around, if in prophecy it said the city will never again be found? Is it because Alexander threw the original city into the sea, and that was what the prophecy was referring to?


Yes. Tyre was built partly on the coast of Phoenicia (Lebanon) and partly on an off shore island. In the 7th Century BC Nebuchadnezzar spent 13 years in an unsuccessful siege against the city. He was able to conquer the portion on the mainland but the island fortress withstood him. In Ezekiel 29:18-20 God said that as a reward for his effort He was going to give Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar instead.

300 years later Alexander the Great used the ruins from the abandoned portion on the mainland to build a causeway to the island fortress and subsequently conquered it. This fulfilled Ezekiel’s prophecy that the stones, timber and soil of the city would be thrown into the sea and it would never be re-built (Ezekiel 26:12-14). All told it took him only 7 months to conquer the island fortress. Over the centuries the causeway and the island have been covered by sediment and are now part of the coastline.

Although there is a city called Tyre in Lebanon today, it’s not the same one. Alexander removed every trace of the ancient city’s ruins to build his causeway, so Tyre’s original location is still a matter of debate.