Were Pilate And His Wife Saved?


Were Pilate and his wife saved after the death of Jesus? And what was the purpose of his wife receiving the dream? My friend says it was the Romans who killed Jesus and she is right but it was the Jews who betrayed him and in that sense the Jews killed him. How does one answer the question?


Non-Biblical sources claim Pilate’s wife was a gentile convert to Christianity, but there’s nothing in the Bible about either her or her husband to support this. All it says is that during the Lord’s trial Pilate’s wife warned him against becoming involved with “that innocent man” (Matt. 27:19). The dream she had was a warning from God, which Pilate chose to ignore.

It was God’s will for Jesus to die for the sins of the people, because it’s the only way we could be saved (Isaiah 53:10). It took both the Romans and the Jews to make it happen.

Next time someone asks you who killed Jesus, say, “I did. It was my sin that put Him on the cross.” I can almost guarantee you it will start a good conversation.