What About Believers Who Have No Bodies?


What about believers whose bodies have been cremated and ashes deposited over the oceans or into the air and whatever particles of dust remain were consumed by animals or fish; or those who have been burned in fires and there is no body; or anything else that that would prevent there being a body to bury? I don’t know how to say this because I do not want to be flippant, but it seems there will be some in the Rapture who will not have a body with which to be reunited. Will God call into being a new body with identical traits as the living counterpart had?


These cases are no different from the dead who were buried in the traditional way. Do you think there’s any trace left of a body that was buried even 100 years ago? No believers will be denied the full benefit of their inheritance because of something that happened to their dead body after they left it. Every dead Church age believer will get a brand new immortal body at the resurrection that accompanies the rapture.

To summarize 1 Cor. 15:35-52 Paul said that the body that grows from the seed you plant isn’t the seed, but has a body that God has given it. And so it is with us. Like Adam, the earthly body of every believer who dies was from the Earth and will return to the Earth (Genesis 3:19). But like Jesus, their heavenly body is from heaven and will return to heaven.

In the case of the living, our earthly bodies will be instantaneously transformed into heavenly ones, because earthly bodies can not enter heaven. This will all happen in an instant when we’re called up at the rapture/resurrection.