What About UFO’s?


Thank you so much for the work you do here, your website is the best of the best ! My question is what do you know about the info that is out on the web by Christian writers who say there are UFO’s- they are manned by demons?


Some Christians believe that UFO sightings and abductions are a fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy that the End Times will be like the days of Noah. (Matt. 24:37). In Noah’s time there were Nephilim on Earth so they see UFOs as a return of the Nephilim. There’s also a possible hint of alien presence at the End of the Age in Daniel 2:43. The King James translation is clearest, saying that some unknown group will mingle itself with the seed of men. This would create a hybrid race, part human and part something else, like the Nephilim were part human and part fallen angel. Legitimate scholars admit that there’s a lot of conjecture associated with this view, but hasten to add that it’s certainly within the realm of possibility, since the End Times will be characterized by the para normal as the spiritual and physical realms collide.