What Are The Signs That Indicate God Is Calling Us?


In one of your answers about God’s foreknowledge and predestination you said that God draws to Himself the persons He knows will choose Him. What are the signs that God is drawing somebody to Himself? If I see these signs could I be absolutely 100% sure that he/she will be born again in the end?


One of the most comforting facts about Romans 8:29-30 is that no one falls through the cracks. Everyone He foreknew is predestined. Everyone He predestines is called. Everyone He calls is justified and everyone He justifies will be glorified.

Signs that God is calling someone are as varied as the individual. I’ve seen people called by everything from mind blowing blessings to crushing defeats. Signs that a person is responding to His call are an increased curiosity about the Bible, a desire to attend Church, a sudden positive change toward others, a decreased desire to sin and an increased conviction when they do.